Tax Services We Provide

Tax Return Compliance

K.M. Urso & Company, LLC assist individual and small business clients to meet tax filing requirements. We are experienced to prepare all U.S. federal, state, and local tax and information returns for both regular and electronic submission.

For our international clients, we also prepare U.S. (resident, nonresident and dual status) and state (nonresident and part-year) tax returns and tax equalizations and will coordinate with the preparation of non-U.S. tax returns. We will determine qualifications for foreign income exclusions and tax credits and utilize tax treaties and totalization agreements.  We will also assist with the preparation of foreign asset reporting forms such as FBAR and Form 8938.

For the convenience of our clients, we supply a electronic proforma questionnaire to assist with the preparation process and personal secured Portal to upload tax documents and tax returns.

Individual Tax Consulting

We will take a practical and creative approach in providing the taxation services and support that our clients need. We emphasize tax planning as the key to taking advantage of taxation opportunities. We advise our clients on the most favorable actions to maximize tax advantages and minimize tax exposures such as strategizing executive compensation, including non-qualified/ISO stock option exercising, determining state tax residency, and preparing tax projections and recommending quarterly estimate tax payments. Also, we are authorized to work with our clients to respond to and resolve IRS and state taxing authority notices and inquiries.

Business Tax Consulting

When a decision to create a business is made, those involved must choose a legal form of entity. Choosing the right entity depends on a variety of tax and non-tax considerations. We can provide viable guidance on this decision.  We can also discuss tax tools designed specifically for the self-employed such as setting up a self employment retirement plan, deducting home office expenses, maintaining tax records, preparing tax projections, recommending quarterly estimate tax payments and reporting residential rental properties.