Tax Season

My1040Data Tool-Online Tax Organizer

If you like the convenience of using a check-list, you are welcome to use the on-line My1040Data Toolkit.  This is not mandatory but allows you to conveniently use a computer to update your personal data, check for relevant information that may be applicable to your situation, and, if you used our tax services last year, review your prior-year information to ensure you have accounted for all your tax information.  Keep in mind that this is separate from your CCH Client Axcess Portal (see below). 

To access your My1040Data tax organizer, please follow these simple steps:

  • Contact me and I will provide to you your personalized User ID and Password.

From here, you will be required to change your password; then guided through a simple interview process that will assist you in gathering the data we will require to prepare your tax returns. 

NOTE: Please do not input all your tax document information into the My1040Data Toolkit since we prefer doing this for you to ensure all important tax information is captured.

ALSO NOTE: For the security of your tax information, My1040Data automatically requires you to log in again after 20 minutes of inactivity.  This is a secure site where your data is encrypted for protection. Your data is automatically saved every time you move to another page. The information you provide will be treated as confidential.  You can navigate using the tabs at the top or along the left side to jump to the area you need.  Please do not attach your tax documents to My1040Data.  Instead, please upload to your CCH Client Axcess Portal.

CCH Client Axcess Portal

CCH Client Axcess allows you to receive and share files with us from any web browser or operating system.

  • Upload to your CCH Client Axcess Portal (a web-based application used to securely share tax documents and returns).  Please note the new LINK
  • Log-in using the same Portal User ID and Password you used in the past.  If you do not have these details, please click on Forgot password? If you still cannot log-in or you are a new client, please let me know at
  • Upload your tax documents to: Documents/Tax Season Documents/For 201X Tax Returns.
  • Include any other additional information, such as spreadsheets for business or rental properties, non-US compensation or investment income, QuickBooks (a .QBW or .QBB file), etc.   Please be assured that we will contact you if any information seems to be missing to ensure total tax compliance and savings.



IF YOU OR A DEPENDENT ENROLLED IN HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE THROUGH THE HEALTH INSURANCE MARKETPLACE:  There is a filing requirement with your return if you received premium assistance through advance credit payments or if you want to claim the premium tax credit when you file your return. In March, the IRS will send out Form 1095-A confirming the total amount sent to you. Please send this Form to me and I will reconcile your premium tax credit. 

IF YOU HAVE A NON-US PARTNERSHIP, LLC, OR CORPORATE SHAREHOLDER INTEREST: There is a required reporting requirement that may be applicable to you. If you hold such non-US interest, please bring this to my attention during tax return preparations. 

IF YOU HAVE NON-US ACCOUNTS, there are two separate filing requirements. Generally:

1)   The reporting of non-US financial accounts on FinCEN Form 114 FBAR is a separate reporting from your US tax return. During the tax year, if you had any non-US financial accounts (such as: bank, security, brokerage, or other account maintained with a foreign financial institution) that had more than US$10,000 accumulatively at anytime during the year, you have a reporting obligation which is due April 15th. If you do not meet the April 15th deadline, FinCEN will grant an automatic extension to October 15th; a specific extension request is not required. The US requires owners of non-US financial accounts to report this information to the US Treasury each year, otherwise potential huge penalties. Here is the website for you to report, if applicable:

2)   The reporting of specified foreign financial assets with an aggregated value exceeding certain thresholds will need to be reported on Form 8938 and included with your US income tax return. Any financial account maintained by a foreign financial institution and/or other foreign financial assets held for investment that are not in an account maintained by a US (such as: securities, pensions or entity interest) that had more than US$100,000 (married)/$50,000 (single) accumulatively on the last day of the tax year or more than US$150,000 (married)/$75,000 (single) accumulatively at anytime during the tax year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We realize this may be a duplication of effort, reporting your foreign financial accounts on-line on FinCEN Form 114 FBAR and Form 8938 with your US return. If Form 8938 reporting does not apply to you (and your spouse, if applicable) but FinCIN 114 FBAR does, I recommend that you go to the website above to timely report your foreign financial accounts. If Form 8938 reporting does apply to you, we can efile your FinCEN Form 114 FBAR when we efile your US return (with Form 8938). You may provide to us the following information via a word document or excel uploaded to your Portal: bank/account name, description of asset, bank/account mailing address, account number, whether jointly owned with spouse, and maximum value in the account during the tax year. If a taxable account (such as bank or securities), investment income earned (before taxes withheld) and local taxes withheld, if any. Please indicate currency of the amounts given.

See the following IRS link for more information:    

 IF YOU ARE AN OWNER OF AN LLC (LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY): Starting January 1, 2024, all LLCs registered in the US must file a beneficial ownership information report with FinCEN (US Treasury). This is a new filing requirement and failure to file could result in significant penalties. Please note that I do not handle such reporting since it is not part of the tax return preparation process. I am just making you aware of such filing. Please visit their website for more information and for filing: